We specialize in visual tools for rooting out bias

Since pricing uses so many variables at once, it is easy to accidentally control for the wrong variables, invalidating your results and losing money. A dynamic pricing algorithm could easily make such a mistake without you ever knowing, and as the AI makes further decisions based on past prices, these mistakes could get ingrained even deeper. Instead, at Aitionics we make sure that your results are rooted in reality.

Causal Identification

Our visual interface makes it easy to correct for biases and account for hidden variables that can distort your estimates. By displaying these causal influences in a network, we can trace out indirect paths by which a variable can affect price, and the software tells you which variables to control for in order to isolate a factor's direct effect on price.

Dynamic Pricing

Many top companies let their prices fluctuate to account for each customer’s unique demographics, as well as external changes in the market. This depends heavily on automation, and causal inference provides a self-correcting mechanism to keep your pricing strategy from going astray due to spurious correlations.

Counterfactual Analysis

In deciding when to put on promotions, we can’t be sure that past campaigns were the most effective options, or if another type of promotion would have done better. Therefore we have to counterfactually assess a variety of possible promotions, which our graphical interface lets you do in a thorough and understandable way.